Thats from Desiderata, a book from the 1920s my mum has on the computer desk. It isn't relevant to the blog, but I thought it was quite nice. By the way, the full sentence is: "Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of
Who I didn't walk tonight
Published on August 2, 2004 By glugg In Dogs
I've got a great little dog, Ollie. He's a half poodle/half maltese terrirt, and I feel guilty. tonight, I haven't taken him for a walk, and he's sitting next to the computer staring at me.

Dogs are great. I don't mind cats, but there is one thing that dogs ave the cats don't. Unconditional everything. Dogs unconditionally guard you, love you, remain loyal to you, and basically be friendly. They're kind of like the perfect associate. Pity they don't speak.

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